Third Way: Nationalist helpful hand given to the people in need


POLAND/THIRD WAY: If nationalism wants to have a say in Europe, it must first master the ability of smooth adaptation to its variable surroundings. It is essential for us to be as close as possible to the people we see on our daily basis; to live our lives next to theirs, to share the same fate. That is our most important goal, and at the same time, the means to implement the rest of our goals.

Having this in mind, the members of Third Way organised numerous actions in the pre-Easter period in order to aid local social organizations. It took us 7 days to gather and then redistribute over 50 kilograms of comestibles. First, we paid a visit at the local food bank. It’s based on a union of non-governmental organisations that share the purpose of supporting charities. We also aided the Anti-Crisis Intervention Centre, whose activists help women from broken families and organise shelters for the homeless people.

The assistance  we had provided to the institutions appeared to be extraordinary helpful to them. Such actions focused on social welfare should be an essential element of our activism. There is no nationalism without its social component. Anyone who is not close to their compatriots, cannot be real nationalist.

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