Third European Congress ”[RE]generation Europa”


The more the processes of globalisation intensify in Europe, the more the things that threaten each European nation’s sovereignty and independence become cross-border. In this situation, it is essential for the broad nationalist movement of Europe to overcome its inner conflicts, put an end to its historical feuds, and develop means of cooperation between activists from different European countries on all the fields possible.

For the sake of that, the organization of Junge Nationalisten from Germany arranged the Third European Congress “REgeneration Europa” in Riesa. The event was attended by delegations of various nationalist groups and parties from such European countries as Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Czechia, and Spain. The overwhelming atmosphere of fraternity, openness to discussion, and willingness to establish relations with, until then, unknown organizations were all unforgettable. We’ve witnessed numerous speeches, presentations, and even musical performances. The congress in Germany was without a doubt a valuable initiative that is going to beget concrete actions in the near future. One of the editors of our magazine has taken part in the event, during which he gave a presentation about our project and summed up its purpose.

 More information about the Third European Congress “[RE]generation Europa” will be available in the upcoming issue of The Spear “European Nationalist Magazine”!



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