The Spear: The second issue of our magazine is available on the Internet!


We meet again on the pages of The Spear, dear reader. First things first, we are pleased to announce the first issue of our magazine has appeared to be a great success! Putting our differences aside for the greater good has paid off for each participant. The second issue of The Spear is the proof that this initiative is something more than one symbolic action. We’re here to stay and bring a historic change to modern nationalism!

The unforgivable late actions taken by Donald Trump against Syria and Iran are the newest confirmation of the fact that Europeans must be united against their threats if it is their priority to survive. The probability of a break of another great conflict hasn’t been that high since the times most of us don’t even remember. It is essential for us all to keep in mind that our continent can’t afford yet another all-out civil war waged between brothers and sisters. Never again will we let the governments that have been imposed on us, nor any alien instigators, set our nations against one another!

We would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this issue for their articles, graphics, and technical support. We are still open to anyone who wants to help our cause in any way possible. Come join The Spear!


Geplaatst door The Spear op Vrijdag 2 november 2018

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