Stefan Tempes: We are Soldiers of the Party of God


We live in a world with two mutually permeating planes: Matter and Spirit, two exceptional forces which are an elementary part of our lives, forces which are key elements of our environment. Every aspect of our existence and everything which constitutes the notion of personhood is marked by precisely these two elements, which, although lying at opposite ends, united form a whole. Only out of this union emerges an actual entity: the person.

The path each person is to tread carries with it many obstacles. It is not difficult to notice that the world which surrounds us doesn’t help us in our journey. It is not our ally. In European literature, the theme that often accompanies a journey is the theme of the crew. Despite the fact that a crew stands together in the face of adversity, the wanderer who is part of the crew also marches alone. The nationalist – a true political soldier, before he begins to change the world, must above all conquer himself. We march straight ahead in a single direction, towards victory, like a soldier fighting at the front, sustained by that hidden strength inside us all, which is the legacy of our ancestors. They are in our blood. We carry the light of a thousand souls behind us, martyrs who came before us and who, along with us, form a true legion of light, a legion fighting for our identity. Being conscious of the community that we form with our friends and other activists, we also have one aim, one vision, which fully reflects the rhythm of a thousand soldiers’ hearts. Warm hearts full of struggle in every sphere of life within our reach. It’s a universal trait. A trait of every nationalist from Western countries to Russia, stretching over two continents. Our paths have crossed many times over the years; much good has come out of it, but evil as well. Going forward, we nevertheless cannot forget that each Nation has its own character. Each has its own Spirit which guided it across the centuries. Therefore, we walk together, though in some sense separately as well. We strive as the Party of God, for we believe that we are going against a common, mighty enemy, which arose out of our faults, errors, and weaknesses. It bears many names: communism, decadence, degeneracy, chaos. The struggle against it, if it is to end in success, will require of us to ignite a great fire. A fire which will burn brightly, constituting a true guide. Some will call it uniting with the blood of our ancestors, others will speak of the highest form of spiritual cohesiveness that makes up the true Party of God. One way or the other, it is in this way that we set about our struggle against the present civilization, against its stagnation, wanting to impart it with new and fresh strength!

Today, when practically every element of our daily lives is being destroyed by forces hostile to us, the battlefield is not politics alone; there is also a broadly defined spiritual sphere. This must give us pause. What did we do wrong? Where did we make a mistake? Does blame for the current state of affairs rest with our indolence? Is it our impasse, which makes it so that if we react, we react too late, when our adversary is already close to victory? Perhaps, is it happening because we think that European values will defend themselves, and that it’s enough for us to comfortably bury ourselves in the trenches of tradition, instead of moving onward, to fight in every sphere to nip the potential of the enemy in the bud? The words of Ernst Junger regarding this, that “Fallen altars are occupied by demons,” perfectly illustrates in what way the forces against which Europe is today losing, arose.

When the Family collapses, when the Spirit yields to weakness – demons arise, demons of depravity, perversion, of corrupt secularism. Most nationalists from the West think that these problems are not really known to Poles, or to other countries in the East. Oftentimes, perhaps justifiably, we look at the Western countries as countries guilty of their own collapse. We, nonetheless, forget how quickly, in fact, we are heading in the same direction. I’m a young man. I’m over twenty years of age, however, over a longer time perspective where I’ve been a nationalist, I can see how each society, sooner or later, heads down the path of liberalism. Consequently: it simply becomes weak and dwarfs.

Many nationalists from abroad, seeing tens of thousands at the March of Independance, greatly envy us this event, recognizing it as a great success. Very few of those commenting however, realize that it is a small ray of sound judgment and of national self-defense in an ever-larger sea of hedonism and materialism. We are in large part, weak and divided. There is a lack of desire for cooperation among nationalist groups, they prefer to further divide themselves, which is taken advantage of by the government, ever more agressive towards us, which in the West is perceived to be “extreme” or “nationalistic”. In the past few months, there was a series of police raids targeted against legal marches and specific political movements, nullifying the significance of our country internationally to a minor colony and to a footrest for the United States.

Friends! If we want to reverse Europe’s fate which is now heading towards inevitable collapse, we must unite under a single banner. Not a political banner, but above all, one representing the spiritual community and its shared values. Together, we must not only deal with our enemies, but also to breathe new strength into our whole civilization and to completely change its direction. Let’s forget that which is is dead and useless. Let’s remember history and where we come from, though strongly rooted in the past, we must act bravely in the present, looking to the future with head held high! It’s us. It’s us and no one else who will give Europe a new direction! In every possible sphere: in culture, in politics, in society and on the spiritual plane. Let us become a living example, an alternative to a corrupt world. A true counter-world – a real option for everyone who wishes a different life. A fuller, more beautiful life, lived not only for oneself, but for the nobler things and for things paramount. Nationalism is not a mere political idea. It’s an idea which, without a doubt, concerns Matter and Spirit alike. This pertains to every aspect of our activities and to every step we take. A nationalist goes through life with head held high wherever he may find himself. Not because he is full of arrogance and false pride, but because he is conscious of being part of that same Party of God, which carries the dawn for a New Europe.

Can there be anything more wonderful? Anything more wonderful than a brotherhood of different nations who don’t reject their identity, with arms extended, not for the purpose of sowing discord and anarchy, but so that together they may create a better tomorrow?

Translated by Michał Szymański

Author is official representative of Third Way

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