Santiago Gonzalez: Europe and the Third World. Same combat – same struggle


Since the end of the Cold War, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the standards and rules of the geopolitics game have changed a lot. The Cold War, focus of the conflicts of its times, wasn’t the first ideological and propaganda war in the history of humanity, but it was the first which have had this point as the principal strategy, without any “official” physical confrontations.

The Cold War built the principal basics of the modern ideological war. This is completely obvious if we look at some events which have marked the history of the last century in the West, like May 1968 in France, Cuban Revolution, the fall of the Berlin wall, etc.

The influence of these strategies of ideological war in our times is absolutely obvious. The publicity, media, public education, are totally at the service of the official system and its social ideology.

One of the things that have changed of the conventional war, are the massive migratory flows, composed by waves of foreign population that are normally directed to our continent, because the different wars and conflicts that the western governments have created in the Third World.

The polemic affair about the refugees from Middle East and Africa is a good example of this.

While Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and other Arab countries with much more better infrastructure and economy that the most European countries haven’t barely received these migratory waves of their Arab brothers, we in our continent, are forced by our government to accept these populations which in some cases (I’m not one of that pretentious people who say that all people who enter as a refugees is a potential danger) have caused great problems with the population original from our countries.

But, in my opinion, this is not the great problem. This isn’t the typical speech about how bad is the massive immigration to our country and how bad are the refugees. I think that type of views are showing just one part (And in some cases, a distorted part) of the problem.

We must realize that this strategy is converting the migrants in cheap workforce, destroying (with the help of the international slaverists of our times like Soros) our national economies and creating slaves with really poor conditions of life. We must say to the people of our countries who don’t understand why we are against massive immigration, that this affairs is harmful in the same way for us (our countries, population, and national economies) and for them (illegal immigrants coming from these waves), because in most of cases they become slaves of capitalism.

In this point, we shouldn’t point the medium immigrant as the problem (Just like some Zionist Far Right group do), but point the principal guilty group, guilty of this injustice: the Open Society of George Soros, the western governments and the state of Israel. Because our governments are fighting in Middle East the wars of Israel, the wars which have brought these massive immigration waves. We should support the governments and groups in the Middle East which want for their countries just the same we want for ours: national sovereignty, justice and a strong feeling of tradition. With this, I’m doing allusion to the government of the President Bashar Al Assad in Syria and its allies like Iran, Lebanon, Ansarullah (Yemen), the political opposition in Bahrein, etc.

We can’t still thinking that the problems of that part of the world don’t affect us in our countries. If we want to revert the immigration from Middle East and Africa, we must support that groups and government which objetivos never have been the expansionist paranoia (like Erdogan in Turkey, or Saudi Arabia paying Wahhabi mosques in Spain and the rest of Europe). We must support Assad, we must support Al Houthi, we must support Isa Qassem, we must support Zakzaky, we must support Khamenei, because they’re the great real opposition to them who have caused the massive migratory mobilization to our countries, while they have never had these objectives in their agendas.

The division through resistance and traitors is alive and clear, more than never before.

Author is official representative of Pueblo Movement

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