Russian Imperial Movement: Our Manifesto


You cannot enter the same river twice. However, it is not necessary. The greatness of the nation is in the ability to learn from their mistakes.

The Russian Empire was the greatest country in the world, but it was not devoid of flaws. The leaders of the Empire made a number of mistakes, which eventually led to her death.

We must avoid repeating both human mistakes of the peoples of the Russian Empire and the spiritual weaknesses of the Roman Empire.

Nevertheless, the creation of a new Russian Empire in the form of the 3rd Rome is not only a call of the times, but the only way to save the Russian people.

The revival of the Uvarov’s triad “Orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality” we see in the slogan “God, Tsar, Nation”. Only we will restore our Power. We will return the Motherland to the Russian people.


The core of the Empire was and will be Orthodoxy. The value of the state in the eyes of God determines faithfulness to His covenants.

Orthodoxy is the religion of Adam, Noah and Moses, renewed by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came to save the world. He also founded the Church of the New Testament – in fact stopped the distortion of faith by the Jewish people.

The confluence of the Pharisaic heresy led the God-chosen Jewish people to physical death.

We are Russian, second in human history to God’s chosen people, we must learn from the history of our predecessors, spiritual ones – Jews, Romans and blood ancestors, Russians who built the greatest Empire.

We must take from them all the best and throw away everything that led them to destruction.


The highest form of government is the Empire. The empire is the quintessence of human experience and the ideal form of all possible in the material world.

At the same time, the Empire combines the power of the state, the social guarantees of citizens and the inviolability of security. All that for which the state is needed as the highest form of society organization.

It is imperial (royal) power that is the ideal of the state structure in Orthodoxy (both in Christian and pre-Christian), since Divine power is built precisely as a kingdom in the head with the King of the reigning.

Undoubtedly, at present the issue of the ruling dynasty in Russia should be decided at the All-Russian Zemsky Sobor (all-Russian plebiscite).


The Russian people are God’s chosen people and have the right, like other great nations, to their national state.

Nowadays, the Russian people do not have such a state. Moreover, the Russian people today is the largest people in Europe, divided among various pseudo-state entities.

A bunch of traitors handed over power in Russia to outspoken God-fighters and Russophobes to the Bolsheviks.

As a result of almost 100-year-old new Time of Troubles, the Russian people suffered enormous human losses, not to mention the economic and spiritual.

Instead of calculated by the great Russian scientists D.I. Mendeleev 600 million Russian (subject to the existence of the Empire) by the beginning of the 21 century we have a little more than 100 million people.

The result

Corrupted regimes, which appeared as mushrooms on the body of historical Russia, live out the last days.

Their economic policy will entrust the Russian population of these pseudo-state entities to utter poverty and lawlessness.

In an effort to turn the Russians into economic slaves, these regimes entangled people’s bank loans and completely destroyed their economies. Thereby, these regimes chopped down the tree they were sitting on.

However, this is a logical end, because the thievish, liberal in essence, morality, moving leading clans in pseudo-republics is not capable of creation. Its destiny is destruction.

Liberalism is not capable of creation and democracy as a great lie of our time contains elements of self-destruction, which we see on the example of the so-called “democratic” countries. Our slogan is the phrase of the great Russian saint John of Kronstadt “Democracy in Hell, but Kingdom is on Heaven”.

Our task is to put an end to the vague time, for the completion of more than 100 years. It is necessary to return the Russian people to their homeland and independence to Russia. Only we can restore lawful, historical and national power in Russia and return the Russian people to the path of salvation, from which the demonic forces of communism and liberalism is trying to bring down.

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