Ruben Rosiers: Situation of the Afrikaners


It’s generally known that the Afrikaner people is suffering from a serious (racial) discrimination in South-Africa. It goes that far that people are being refused aid in hospitals or even killed because of the colour of their skin. All in order to make whites leave the country and turn it into a second Zimbabwe. Now, what can be done?

There are 2 aspects. On one hand we should act to relief the financial pressure on Afrikaner people. Many of them lost their jobs, their houses, their farms.. They are blocked from education, blocked from the labour market and many end up in plakkerskampen (squatter camps). The economical situation in South-Africa is a disaster anyway so for the Afrikaner it makes things even worse.

Secondly there is of course the fact that the ANC-government is trying to erase the Afrikaner culture and language. Afrikaner schools are forced to close down, Afrikaner language can’t any longer be used in government matters, statues are being removed, names of streets/squares/cities changed… We can call it a cultural genocide.

So, what to do? Should we ask our governments to follow Australia and start a debate to allow Afrikaner farmers to emigrate as refugees, leaving the poor ‘plakkers’ behind? Should we tell them to come to Europe? This is a good solution for the people themselves but the consequence is that those people won’t remember their culture and identity anymore after maximum one generation cause of their will to assimilate.

Some radical clowns call for a war in SA but this is even too ridiculous to mention. War is not a joke and you can’t win it if you don’t have support, not even to mention that the Afrikaner don’t have a supply line. Self defence is a must, but attacking anyone would be stupid and suicidal.

We have to be realistic. There are 2 things we can do.

1) organize the Afrikaner to go out of their country and to form their own communities, for example in eastern Europe where land is cheap and there is enough space.

2) develope areas like Kleinfontein and Orania under the motto ‘concentrate or emigrate’

We have to get out of the right wing pseudo-sectarian thinking and we have to help the Afrikaner on a serious and lasting way. We have to sacrifice financial means in order to keep Afrikaners out of poverty, help them with their education and help them finding jobs. This will make a real difference!

We have to think out of the box. Clowns should stop abusing the Afrikaner for American history X- like propaganda and whoever does this should be attacked on every non-physical way possible.

We call up everyone to start to be a lobbyist and ambassador for the Afrikaner. Stop thinking the old way, start thinking the new way. Realize that you can actually make a difference. That you can achieve something.

Do it for them but also for yourselves!

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