Remembrance in honor of general Milan Nedić


Serbian staff of The Spear attended yearly event regarding martyrdom of general Milan Nedić, marked with church commemoration and public gathering in Belgrade, at the place where the general was murdered by communist regime.

The event was co-organized by our friends from Serbian Action and their representative addressed the gathered crowd.

The idea of national, great and Christian Serbian state, with patriarchal, socially just and class-based order – that is our ideal as it was the ideal of our immortal General. Communist bandits might have murdered his body, but they could’ve never murdered his immortal spirit nor his work that is integral part of our idea that inspires our struggle even more!

 General Milan Nedić served as a president of Government of National Salvation of Serbia under German occupation, and was key person in biological preservation of Serbian nation as well as in crushing communist uprise in occupied Serbia. He is mostly revered for his aid and offer of refuge for over two hundred thousand Serbs who fled from  Croatian Ustashe persecution and tens of thousands Catholic Slovenes who had to flee their homes.
He was murdered on 4 February 1946, being thrown through a window and falsely portrayed as a suicide. His resting place is still unknown.

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