May 9th – Serbian perspective


We don’t celebrate May 9th.

Some will say that it is politically unpopular or thoughtless. because „if we are with Russia, therefore we must celebrate Victory day, the most important holiday of modern day Russia“. Our answer is that we have to rely on our Russian brothers, but not at the cost of importing cultural anomalies of modern Russian Federation and its Bolshevik past. In case of Serbo-Russian relations, there are dozens of right causes for mutual celebration, without glorifying communist occupation.

For us, the truth is of great importance and the truth is that Bolshevik murderers are not liberators. The greatest and most horrific crimes of soviet Bolshevik regime was done to our brotherly Russian people, and not only in the form of massive physical liquidations and persecutions of the Church, but also in terms of decennial indoctrination and moral degradation.

We don’t want to participate in ideological confusion that is present in modern-day Russia, where freedom is identified with communism, where the ribbon of St. George is displayed along with communist star and the occult „eternal flame“, which satanic association represents classic Bolshevik mockery of Christian tradition of Russia. Therefore, Bolshevik holidays, their dates and events, their „sanctities“ and their legacy do not bind us, even if it would be a popular means for expressing „love for Russia and Russians“. In the long run, any dilution or forgery of truth will inevitably have harmful effects. In particular with these „holidays“, the evil of communism is relativized while every value that could be labeled with „quisling“ is discarded automatically, regardless of what kind of moral or social value that is.

We know that true russophilia is not the same as sovietophilia or „russianophilia“. Namely, real russophilia is a love of one true, tsarist, white and Christian Russia. Some will again say „but all Russians celebrate 9 May as Victory day and they glorify Red Army“. Even if that was true, the truth is more important to us than populism and short-term interests that come with glorifying „Victory day“. But for the truths sake, it must be said that that statement isn’t true at all. Namely, even today, relevant factors among Russian people don’t agree on certain things about second world war. For example, Archbishop Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, even after unifying with Moscow Patriarchate in 2007, stayed loyal and honors Russian Liberation Army and general Andrey Vlasov and describes him as „a hero of the struggle against godless Bolshevism, for the restoration of historical Russia“.

It is debatable whether German or Bolshevik occupation was worse for Russia, but the fact is that after 9 May 1945, Russia stayed occupied, and Bolsheviks ceased with their tolerance of Russian Orthodox tradition (which they embraced in the times of total defense and panic on the eastern front) and continued with their old policy of persecution, that has now been spread on whole Eastern Europe. Those who identify USSR with Russia, should ask themselves why during the Great War there practically weren’t any Russians fighting alongside the Germans while during the second world war there was over a million of them. Therefore, that wasn’t a „great patriotic war“, but a new civil war, in which the struggle against USSR was supported by over 90% of intellectual and clerical elite, and not only in emigration but in Russia as well.

The great courage, endurance and sacrifice of the Russian man who fought in the Red Army is unquestionable, but it is also wrong, from purely militaristic aspect, to elevate and praise the victory against much smaller German army, which was scattered on several large fronts. Furthermore, even during the battles against the Germans, the Soviet military and political leadership showed the ultimate arrogance and indifference for the lives of its soldiers, making them into cannon fodder which contributed to abnormally huge losses, again testifying the character of Soviet anti-Russian regime. In Serbia, the Bolshevik monster was enthroned on Soviet tanks, and the criminal Josip Broz Tito with his bandits started their bloody and vengeful rampage, whose consequences persist to this day.

Therefore, we are not interested in achievements of Soviets, Tito’s bandits, their days of uprisings and victories, as well as all other myths of theirs. We’ve seen them. Them and their “dogs’ cemeteries“, Goli Otok, mass graves of murdered patriots, dungeons in which the greatest sons of Serbia were thrown in. All of that was the legacy of their 27 March, 7 July and 9 May.

Communism has sowed death for too long in Serbia, both physical and spiritual, and we can not celebrate the exchange of one occupation for another. In many segments communist occupations was harsher and more horrid than that of Germany. Today, that communist occupation is replaced by NATO, EU and their loyal, local servants.

All of us who want free Serbia can not make peace with the occupators nor to adopt their dates as our holidays, just as we can’t accept agents of USSR, London, Washington or Brussels as our leaders. Exactly on 9 May 1945, occupation of Europe was declared, because it was a triumph of the dual coalition: communists on one side and western liberal-democrats on the other, who were precursors of modern day Globalists. Therefore, every attempt to portray Anglo-American bombings or Bolshevik red terror as a „struggle against the occupator“, or even presenting it as a national liberation,  is absolute mockery and caricature of patriotism.

In that sense, we are loud and clear when we oppose the new trend of Bolshevization and Americanization of Serbia!

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