Maik Muller: Report from 3rd JN European Congress in Riesa


[RE]generation.EUROPE – this was the motto of the 3rd JN European Congress on May 11 and 12 in the grounds of the DS publishing house in Riesa. A congress, which from the outset should not be one of the „yes-sayers“, but a congress of the controversial discussion. Among other things, the focus was on exchanges and communication with representatives from Poland, who for the first time participated as official guests in the congress.

We live in a time, especially in Western Europe, where the coverage is dominated by the propaganda of the mass media, but also the different actors. Creating an opportunity to learn first hand in this situation was a major concern of the Young Nationalists at the recent 3rd JN European Congress [RE]generation.EUROPE. In addition to all the participants and guests, the fact that this was such a tremendous success was due above all to a team which, in the new spirit of our youth movement, as a committed community mastered even difficult tasks confidently. Europe versus the EU Just in time 16:00, the head of the Federal Working Group (BAK) Europe and Saxon State Chairman of the JN, Maik Müller, opened the congress on Friday afternoon. After a welcome speech from Jens Baur, who is the head of the NPD in Saxony, Sascha Roßmüller started his book reading on his recently published work „Europe versus the EU: breaking away from Brussels“, which was the beginning of a rich and varied program.

Roßmüller, from 1999 to 2002, even national chairman of the JN and current member of the NPD Federal Executive Board, replaced in a brilliant way the originally announced MEP Udo Voigt. He had traveled to Iran for a congress on Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine, in light of the impending threat of war in Iran, Israel’s ongoing provocation and the brutal killing of Palestinian demonstrators. However, he promised in advance his support for one of the upcoming events of the Young Nationalists. The program continued with the presentation of the officially represented organizations. In addition to the Spanish Democracia Nacional, partner of the NPD in the European Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), representatives of the Trzecia Droga from Poland also presented themselves. In a previously conducted television interview, the Polish speaker emphasized the mutual will for further understanding in the face of the rapidly increasing threat facing the peoples of Europe today. Maik Müller emphasized that new approaches and connections can not emerge on the basis of historical conflicts. In view of the fact that only respect for the victims of our European brothers and sisters puts us in a position to demand law and justice for our own victims as well, such issues often played a role in joint discussions, but in no case dominated the Steps of approach, says Müller.

As part of the program „Open Microphone“, then also those foreign delegations were given the opportunity to introduce themselves, who had come outside the official program. Among them were on Friday evening representatives of the National Corps from Ukraine, the Czech National and Social Front, as well as the National Front of Greece. With a big buffet from our own kitchen, musical accompaniment and many interesting discussions, the first day of the congress came to a close. Hot irons NATO exit and good relations with Russia are among the core concerns of the political course of the NPD. It was naturally a difficult process to create a forum for Ukraine, but this could be achieved on the basis of mutual trust between the party and the youth organization. However, such an endeavor should not be based on one-sidedness, while at the same time invoking the defense of free opinion and speech is obvious!

The participation of representatives of the Russian imperial movement may seem paradoxical in retrospect in the overall context of the event, but it ensured the plurality of positions expressed at the congress, created a sharp antipole and offered the opportunity for direct exchange of information. The Young Nationalists, as well as their mother party NPD, have proven once again that they are not afraid to tackle hot irons. There can be no doubt that JN, founded in 1969, does not give in to the quest for a Europe of free peoples and sovereign nations, and thus sticks to its traditionally anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist orientation in the future. The fact that the representative of the Russian imperial movement nevertheless came in the proverbial „cave of the lion“, represented his point of view and made it possible for interested guests to have a direct conversation, compels us all the more respect. No less controversial was the simultaneous participation of Serbs, Croats, Greeks or Bulgarians. For this reason, all guests deserve the utmost respect and recognition for their participation, which, indisputably, remains an enrichment for the entire event. „Kein schöner Land“ The second day was opened with a cultural contribution by the JN. Members from various regions of Germany presented the folk song „Kein schöner Land in dieser Zeit“, which dates back to the German writer and folk song researcher Anton Wilhelm Florentin von Zuccalmaglio. The following opening speech by the Deputy National Chairman of the Young Nationalists in Saxony was followed by the presentation of other organizations represented at the congress. For example, the Lotta Studentesca from Italy, the youth movement of Roberto Fiore’s Forza Nuova, affiliated with the NPD in the APF. The Serbian Action also accepted the invitation again and presented itself not only on the podium, but, like all official guests, also at one of the many information stands. The Slovak Ľudová mládež, as well as the representatives of Hogar Social Madrid, had to cancel their participation in the congress on short notice due to repressive measures in their home countries. While several activists were arrested during a large-scale police operation in Slovakia, the Spaniards faced the renewed eviction of their headquarters, which made it impossible for the head of the organization, Melisa Domínguez Ruiz, to attend the congress. Like the guests from Poland, representatives of the Bulgarian National Union and the community ProPatria from Greece attended the congress for the first time. Especially the participation of the Bulgarians goes back to a cooperation with the party Die Rechte, which made the contact possible. Already in February of this year, JN activists took part in a joint trip to the annual march in honor of General Hristo Lukov in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Like Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs and Italians, the Russian imperial movement also gave its presentation during the second day of the congress. In addition to the presentations and greetings from the guests, a number of top-class speakers dominated the daily program, thus ensuring an average high level of the same.

While NPD party member Thorsten Heise spoke on the youth of Europe as the „bearer and guardian of the culture, heritage and diversity of European peoples in the 21st century“, with reference to the Balkans, the Croat Ivan Kolokapić gave his presentation on „How Islamism in Bosnia and Kosovo can make two mutually hated peoples (Croatia and Serbia) partners.“ Rather philisophic it made the likewise originating from Croatia, former US-professor and diplomat Dr. Tomislav Sunić, who spoke on „Martin Heidegger and his interpretation of ‘talk, fake news and lying press.“ A similar topic was presented by the Ukrainian Olena Semenyaka with her contribution „Beyond the ‘Wall of Time’: Ernst Jünger and Martin Heidegger on the New Metaphysics“. Frank Kraemer, well-known for his media project „Der dritte Blickwinkel“, highlighted in the last presentation of the second day of the congress “The European peoples as a life-fighting community “. summary It is obvious that concrete and complex solutions to existing questions can hardly be worked out at an event such as the European Congress. This requires a different framework. However, the feedback received so far from many participants makes it clear that the main objective, namely the possibility of having a conversation and exchanging contacts, could be achieved in full. All participants are aware: against the shackles of the EU, only a denser network of European nationalists is helping! On the basis of the conversations and experiences we have had with the congress, we Young Nationalists have taken very concrete steps to further develop our partnership relations in Europe. We look back with renewed strength on the 3rd European Congress and will do our utmost to put our plans into practice in the coming months and years.

Because like many of our guests, friends and partners, JN also sees itself as an integral part of [RE]generation.EUROPE. JN forward!

Author is official representative of Jungen Nationalisten (JN)

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