Maik Muller: Let’s talk about Europe!


The political right in Germany, but also in other European countries, is still fraught with many prejudices and dogmas. Again and again, the system exploits historical conflicts or resentments in order to bring the peoples against each other and thus to prevent a possible uprising against oppression. Far too often these forces succeed.

It was all the more important for us to organize the 3rd European Congress of the YOUNG NATIONALISTS (JN). We deliberately chose the motto [RE]generation.EUROPE. For if we look at the majority of members of future generations, we soon realize that we all – including you, dear readers of this magazine – are a decisive part of the last chance to save our nations and thus save Europe.

For this it is essential that the entrance addressed dogmatisms and prejudices are overcome. Neither a bourgeois patriotism, which wields the national flags merely for the football World Cup, nor a hatred chauvinism we can give a chance as nationalists of Europe!

That is precisely why I am incredibly happy and proud that, as JN, participating in Poland ‘s Independence Day on 11.11.2017 in Warsaw, our cooperation with Polish nationalists in the framework of the present issue of SPEAR and the participation of Polish nationalists in our European Congress, we finally could go the first steps on this new common path.

We do not know what awaits us on this path. We only know that he gets hard. But we are determined to take this path for the benefit of our peoples and for the good of Europe. Maybe we can – Poles and Germans, Germans and Poles – with God’s help be a positive example for others.

Author is official representative of Jungen Nationalisten (JN)

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