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From the fjords of the Kinnarodden at the European North Sea, to the sun-warming rocks of Cape Tripiti in the Mediterranean. From the steep slope of the Cabo da Roca, to the endless forests and mountains of the Urals. We, the peoples who have grown up in this area, have formed a community of fate through this commonalities. A community of fate in peace, in war, in constant struggle.

In our day, what Homer gave us by his Iliad and the Odyssey as the foundation of our common identity is postulated by some convenient and arrogant opportunists as their idea, their creation. A plutocratic institution that possesses the audacity and claims that it is the bearer of our commonalities. In history, Europe has never been at such an identical crossroads.

But forged by an inseparable ancestral chain, the spirit of true Europe rests in us in all its beauty and strength. Like the sleeping Barbarossa, waiting for his resurrection. History writes those who stand up and make future-oriented decisions. Those who remain seated will be forgotten!

Therefore it is even more important today that the fighters for the peoples of Europe join hands, overcome old feuds and conflicts and unite to deny those, who deny us, who deny our right to existence and peace.

The community of destiny, the true Europe, must reunite and stand in a huge, common rebellion against its enemies and proclaim before history: „Here we stand! No one else! We fight, live and die for our common future!“

We are the [RE]generation.EUROPE!


[RE]generation.EUROPE – under this motto the 3rd European Congress of the Young Nationalists (JN) takes place on 11th and 12th May 2018.

The event, conceived as a networking option, is a place of reunion and learning, as well as mutual respectful exchange, which nevertheless provides ample space for controversial discussions.

The signing of a joint manifesto is the prerequisite for the official participation and presentation of the invited organizations.

Our guests are encouraged to include cultural contributions such as music, costumes and regional specialties as part of their presentation.

Through different speeches and cultural contributions, presentation of the guests, as well as a parallel program of lectures or book presentations, a varied program is offered on both days.

A special focus is on exchange and understanding with representatives from Poland, who will participate for the first time as official guests at the congress.

A press conference will contribute to the corresponding media perception, including the entire event.


[RE] generation.EUROPE

The salvation of Europe and the pressing questions of our time call for a common response from the European peoples. This task requires us all great efforts.

New approaches and connections can therefore not arise on the basis of historical conflicts. Only respect for the sacrifices of our European brothers and sisters enables us to demand law and justice for our own victims as well.

As signatories and participants of the congress we confess, as European Nationalists, the necessity of mutual and respectful exchange for the protection of our national sovereignty and identity in a Europe of free nations.

We also recognize the need to create transnational solutions in the sense of European Nationalism.

As European nationalists, we strive for a strong Europe that protects and promotes its peoples, cultures and peculiarities. The Occident, with its many centuries of history, is the foundation on which the Europe of the future is built.

We want to learn from each other, discuss the most pressing issues together and return Europe into the hands of the heirs of its creator.

We are the [RE]generation.EUROPE!

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Author of this announcement is official representative of Junge Nationalisten (JN)



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