Jan Kurec: Why we don’t love Israel?


British-American zionism

The ideas about the foundation of “a Jewish national homeland” have been present among European, Russian andAmerican Jewish people since the 18th century. The Zionist movement became more and more important with Jews obtaining influence and wealth. The proof of the influence of the Zionist movement on the turn of 19th century is for example the fact that the biggest sponsors of the migration of Jews to Palestine were the Rothschilds and other Jewish bankers. The Jewish dream about usurping Palestine started to seem real during the First World War. The European powers were gradually more and more exhausted by the fratricidal war of our nations and desperately needed money to finance the war. In order for the British Crown to please the main sponsor of the war fewer, the British government issued the so-called Balfour declaration in 1917. It was addressed directly to the member of the Rothschild family, a prominent Zionist Lionel Water Rothschild, and it promised Jews “the establishment of a national homeland of Jews in Palestine”. According to this declaration, the government of His Majesty should have done its best to reach this goal and British lobbied for the actual occupation of Arab Palestine in the USA and Russia as well. Close counsellors of the American President Wilson Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter were both enthusiast Zionists and therefore it was no surprise that the USA supported the idea as well as Russia where Bolsheviks just started to rule. British Zionists correctly assumed that the Soviet Russia will also be in as a large number of Bolsheviks were Jewish. The vision of a Jewish state should have also convinced the Bolsheviks that Russia should keep fighting in the war.

The beginnings of occupation and Arab resistance

The plan from the Balfour declaration slowly started to be implemented after the end of the First World War. British exacted the foundation of a protectorate in Palestine from the defeated Ottoman Empire and didn’t hide that the aim of the British Mandate in Palestine is to realize the Zionist plan. With a massive financial support of Jewish bankers, Jewish settlers started to settle there in large numbers. The occupation plans were approved to Jews several times by various international organizations including the United Nations and the original Arab citizens were left alone facing a powerful enemy. The aims of the British Mandate are confirmed by the fact that Herbert Louis Samuel, a British Jew, was appointed as the first governor of the territory by the crown.

The Palestinians didn’t observe the gradual takeover of their homeland inactively. The British mandate in Palestine witnessed two large Arab rebellions (1929 and 1936). The spiritual father and the leading figure of Palestinian resistance between the wars was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin el-Husseini. The Grand Mufti led the resistance against the Jewish colonization of Palestine and when the Second World War started, he devoted himself to the recruitment of Muslims (mainly Bosnians) for fights against the communist partisans and USSR. From his point of view as a Muslim cleric, he saw the fighting against the atheist Bolshevism as his sacred duty. A controversial Mufti of Jerusalem is considered to be the biggest figure of Arab nationalism and the resistance against Zionism even nowadays.

State of Israel

The culmination of the previous development in the to-date Arab Palestine was the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel after the war. Both eastern and western part of victorious allies supported the act of the establishment of the stated which was continuously inhabited by an independent nation of Palestinians. At that time, Stalin still hoped for the new pseudo-state to be communist. There were still many convinced communists among Jews and collectivistically managed kibbutzes served as a model of the bolshevization of Israel. Thanks to the military support from communist east Europe, the illegitimate State of Israel survived the first years with an active resistance of its original inhabitants. The self-interest of the representatives of the Jewish state gradually led Israel to the capitalist West. Jews have always been very well established in the highest circles of American politics and they still are today. During several wars with Arabs, the Zionist entity managed to survive for the cost of grave violations of international rules and human rights. Thus, while West didn’t hesitate to proceed to bombing for the violation of human rights on the Balkans, Israel has received no punishment for the genocide of Palestinians.

We cannot only watch the slaughtering of a whole nation. There are many people protesting against each aggression of the Jewish state all over the world and many politicians have speeches encouraging to stop the Jewish killing machine on the ground of the United Nations. Only the Czech Republic as a traditional Israel-American servant hides itself. With only a few exceptions, only sworn Zionists (Irena Kalhousová, Jakub Szántó) are provided some time in the Czech public service media. Our vassal position was extremely awkward during the vote about the acknowledgement of the candidate status of Palestine in the UN. The overwhelming majority of countries voted for in the plenary of the UN. Only Israel, USA, Canada and a few semi-independent little countries such as Solomon Islands and the Czech Republic voted against. It is necessary to mention that our subservient attitude towards Jews has been our tradition since Masaryk’s First Czechoslovak Republic.

The stance of a nationalist

As nationalists, we appreciate firm principles we never forget. For example, if we refuse uprising Kosovo by foreigners, we can’t be blind when this is happening in Palestine. We don’t believe that the Jewish nation is elect and therefore Jews can do anything they want to on our planet. As we can see in Gaza Strip nowadays, the atrocity of the powerful Israeli is unlimited as is the suffering they cause. The hero nation of Palestine was left alone facing the Israeli murderers and can hardly find allies in the world. But every free nation fighting for its existence has to find its allies in us – the nationalists! Freedom for Palestine!

Author is official representative of National-Social Front (NSF)

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