Jakub Svoboda: The journey towards success


I come from the Czech Republic, I pay respect to my roots, my family and my homeland. This year, I’m turning 30 and the problems that my nation deals with have been troubling me for almost 10 years. I have learned and understood many things throughout this time, and I also became aware of certain important facts. For example, I am now aware of the fact the problems of a common Czech citizen are the same as the problems of any European. I realized how important my European origin is and I became a proud European.

But a man never stops learning. There’s nothing wrong with mistakes a man has done, it is important to learn from them and to not repeat them. To listen to people who have learned from their own mistakes and are willing to share their knowledge with others is even more important.

Although I am still definitely not wise enough and I am going to make many mistakes or slips, I would like to share my findings that can help you in your own efforts in building an association or a movement.


They are not the sole conditions for success but from my own experience, these are the main three pillars. I will use them after almost a ten-year-long activism for building a new popular movement which will be present at the revival of our nation in the future and, if we are lucky enough, at the revival of all Europeans.

1. Faith

Now, when I’m going to talk about faith, it’s not about religious faith but about the person’s faith in ideals (his/her worldview), in people (friendship) and in better future (not only for themselves). Religious faith can be an obstacle but also a good helper. It depends on how each person interprets it. But it is not a precondition for success.

1.1. A stable worldview

Unlike the religious faith, a stable worldview is a necessary condition for success. It has the same role for the movement that a set of laws and rules has for a state and its citizens. A stable worldview brings order and security to the movement. People are identified with it and the movement grows on solid basis then, stable in its fundamental ideas.

1.2. Friendship

Friendship is the essential element of well-functioning movements and organizations. The friendlier the relationships among people are, the more positive effect it has on the results of their work. Although there is no direct correlation, but the more is the better in any case. Friendship is not vital, but everything is more complicated, more demanding and less certain. Really valuable friendships are then built by handling tough situations together, by dealing with critical problems, by spending time together doing various intellectual and physical activities and last but not least by fighting against a common enemy.

1.3. The vision of better future

The vision of better future is actually the goal of our journey. It stems from the stable worldview and is its perfect result. This should be the drive of each activist that fights not only for himself/herself but also for his/her family and offsprings. Who understands this can never give up his/her fight because it would mean a betrayal of the people who are closest to him/her and also betraying oneself. What can be a better motivation than a survival and a decent life of our offsprings in which our legacy will continue to live?

This motivation of our fight is a straight opposite of what our enemies say about us. They call us hateful people full of wrath which springs from ignorance or stupidity. On the contrary, we are full of love towards our own people and offsprings which results from understanding of the need of our fight and realizing how serious the current situation of the European in the 21st century is.

2. Perseverance

This pillar can be divided into two almost equally important parts and those are physical and mental perseverance. However, mental perseverance is a bit more important.

2.1. Physical perseverance

Each person is born with different talents. There are people who use their muscles to fight their enemies and those who fight using their intellect. Both kinds of people have to be a part of every movement which wants to be viable and when both kinds stick to their positions, the movement can really become a threat which is dangerous for the system it fights against.

However, everyone can get into a situation in his/her lives which requires his/her readiness to physical performance. It is usually the case that when the movements get more power and a stronger position in the opposition in the country, the more frequent and brutal attacks are lead against it and people in it from the democratic, very often left-wing mainstream. When such an attack begins and a person is not ready to defend himself/herself and to withstand such threats, the danger and fear from some similar situations can make him incapable of further working for the movement and it can lead to the weakening of the whole organization.

Besides the need to prepare oneself for self-defence, the trained and physically fit body is less prone to tiredness, injuries and other influences that can negatively affect the activities of the given person in the movement. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate this aspect and be physically active as your body is supposed to be. Collective sports and doing physical activities together is furthermore good for friendships.

2.2. Mental perseverance

It is closely linked to physical perseverance, so they together form two parts of a single whole. All physical development is good for one’s mental state but there are complex subconscious processes that take place in the brain which can be barely understood and controlled by a human and in the combination with some unfortunate life situations, they can lead to one’s collapse. The result can be present or permanent reluctance to other activities, the loss of confidence, motivation, faith in the correctness of one’s actions, etc.

Never underestimate the risk of bad moods, consequences of unsuccessful actions, pay attention to gossips, dishonesty and undermining of morality. Cement the relationships with games, sports, music and time spent together. Do not worry and do not be afraid to help a friend when he/she struggles or open out to your good friends.

3. Professionalism

This is a necessary need and a precondition for success. The movement can function without money and people but not without professionalism of its members, no matter their position. Professional work does not mean it is paid for. It is about the responsibility and right methods. The beginning of the professional work of any person starts with realizing that all activities and processes have their logical causes and consequences. Each step can be planned, and each situation can be predicted. Only when you leave nothing to chance, you are doing professional work.

3.1 Goal setting

Noone is able to achieve success if he/she does not define what success means. Working without the definition of success is like building a house without a project or teaching a student without a curriculum. The results will never meet your expectations and in some cases, it can even get worse than with no work done.

That is why you shouldn’t get too involved in hot-headed and mindless activity and first grant yourself some thinking time about what you would like to achieve and what partial goals lead to the main goal. It is also important to set reasonable, realistic but rather more demanding than easy goals. To almost not achieve a high goal is much more beneficial to a person than to almost effortlessly achieve a goal that is too easy.

3.2. Stick to given concepts

To set a right goal is only a part of success because we have to set a right way which is also important to be able to achieve it. A bricklayer knows what the house should look like but that doesn’t mean it can be built without a design. And the same applies to any activity. To put it simply, without a proper concept, the way is winding and long and one does not have to finish it to his/her destination. It is also true that it helps to at least stick to a bad plan than to no plan. Leave thoughtless activities to amateurs and stupid people. Our important and noble goals require professional, i.e. considerate actions. If you care about the development and events of various national movements in Europe, you will definitely find a lot of inspiration for your own projects.

3.3. Not working anonymously

Though some actions or situations require anonymous actions and a lot of important work can be done like this, the movement, its members and mainly its leaders cannot be hidden in the underground if they want to reach masses of people. People need to identify themselves with the movement they support and they need to be in contact with its members in order to make contacts, promote the movement, etc. It is also natural for a human to look up to role models with qualities he/she desires or at least to whom he/she wishes success he/she himself/herself does not have. It is a historically proven fact that faces and personalities influences masses and make history.

This is a short summary of my findings that will hopefully help you to find your way and get inspiration. It is not an exhaustive piece of work. But there is no space for one and I myself do not feel competent enough to write such piece. But to pass on and receive experience and findings is an inseparable part and a precondition for the success of each individual and that is the need I based writing this article on.

There are different conditions and different people in each country, but actions performed with faith, perseverance and professionalism bring successes regardless of the local conditions. Especially you, young nationalists, who are not members of any movement yet, take my words seriously and use them as a basis for building a movement you will become members of or you will found on your own. We, as Europeans, have a lot of work ahead of us before we will be able to liberate ourselves from the influence of foreign powers and organised groups. The work is demanding but necessary. If we all walk on the same road together, one day we will achieve our goal.

Author is official representative of Delnicka Mladez/NSF

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