Ilija Sredojević: Why do we support Palestine?


A new turmoils have appeared in Palestine and Israel during the recent months:

One of many reasons were the Israeli restrictions on entrance to Al-Aqsa mosque with metal detectors. What is more, the entrence for males younger than 50 years old has been forbidden.
Palestinians consider that as a violation of peace.

One of the novelties are rather lukewarm or absent critique of Israel from leading Arab states, such as Egypt or Saudi Arabia. New American (Trump’s) policy on Middle East provokes the situation in which the Arab states are forced to act against the Iran to fulfill the Israeli expectations. Palestinians have become collateral victims,. of Arab-Israeli cooperation.

To answer the title of this article, we must very clearly confess that in a struggle shortly described above, we support Palestine. To be honest, it is not only the answer of ours, that is an Orthodox covenant and also Monarchistic response to that question.

Why? Because resisting the judeo-zionist occupation of the Holy Land, Palestinians postpone the crowning of the Antichrist. They cannot prevent it however, because according to Holy Fathers only Christian Tsar is able to acomplish that, but that doesn’t reduce the geopolitical and mystical importance of palestinian resistance – Just as the ritualistic murder of Christian Tsar in 1918. by the bolsheviks had a mystical meaning. Namely, Jews are expecting Antichrist as their promised messiah, whom will, according to tradition, be crowned in rebuilt Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Palestinians are resisting that regardless the fact the majority of them are muslims (though many of them are Christians too), because the faith of Al-Aqsa mosque directly determines the renewal of Solomon’s Temple. It can not be rebuilt as long as the mosque stands, because Al-Aqsa is located in the center of the Temple.

It is very important fact that zionist-saudi project known as „Islamic State“, has no foothold among the Palestinians. Palestianian muslims are tolerant to their Christian neighbours and have expressed defensive attitude towards Christian sacred places in the region.

Last but not least, here is a prologoue piece from „Before the building of Solomon’s Temple“, published in a book „West’s path to the Apocalypse“ by Yuri Vorobyevsky:

The day Tsar Nicholas II Romanov renounced the throne indeed became mystical. Hell had a sigh of relief. Temporary government quickly disbanded all limitation imposed on Jews in Russia (a first step in most revolutions). Then Balfour Declaration was inacted on international level, to form „national home“ of Jews in Palestine. A flow of people who have accepted Judaism started settling the land. „And where are the Golden gates, through which the Antichrist will enter the city?“, I asked the tour guide in Jeruaselm. A young man who has been friendly and kind all this time suddenly became pale in shock. „Not antichrist, but M-E-S-S-I-A-H!“- in spite he spelled every single letter. So thats how it is. They entertain tourists and pilgrims, patiently making steady bussines and waiting!

Primarly mystical task of Jewish settlers has become the renewal of Solomon’s temple. In every synagouge, for centuries, they studied the words of old testament prophets Haggai and Malachi about the coming of Messiah. According to the prophecies, he will come in the Second temple. What does that mean? First temple build by Solomon was destroyed during the reign of Babylonian ruler Nabucodonosor. Second temple was raised on the same spot in late 6th century before Christ. Among the walls of second temple Christ the Messiah, unrecognized by majority of Jews, preached about fullfillment of old testament prophecies. They wait for a different „messiah“. They wait, but according tho the words of the Saviour, the second temple is all but rubble. It was demolished by roman legioners in 70. year. Therefore the next temple will be the third. However, Jews don’t care about such significant differences. They don’t care about the lack of high priests for that temple, because the continuation of priesthood has long been cut off.

(„In summer 2001. in secret, government of Israel approved and enabled, with unpresedented security, ceremonial laying the cornerstone of future temple in Jerusalem. Because of the revolt from Muslim population, the ceremony was quick, took no longer than half an hour. The moment the news about it got out, Muslims have gathered around Al-Aqsa in mass and began stoning Jewish believers at the Wailing Wall. It is interesting that international mainstream media only reported about the riots caused by Palestinians, while the event that caused the riot was not mentioned.“)

Author is an official representant of the Serbian Action


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