For Afrikaners!


The Afrikaner people have long and great history of fighting for dignity and survival. Always outnumbered like in the battles against the Zulu or the British, they managed to stand their ground.

Today once again they are fighting for their lives and their existence. Their language, culture and physical wellbeing is under attack on a daily base. Their elderly people get tortured and their children are often left as orphans as they lose their parents. The world of course remains silent. Why? Maybe because Afrikaners are Europeans and it seems that European people are always first to blame.

Dear friends, Afrikaners are not to blame! Afrikaners are our cousins and we will defend them! Therefore we invite you to our rally in the Dutch political capital: The Hague, on Saturday 26 May! Afrikaners will survive! We stand with them!

Editorial Staff of The Spear Magazine would like to invite all of our readers and supporters to take part in rally for Afrikaners in Hague on 26 May. For more information click here.

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