Erik Lamprecht: From Labour Youth to National and Social Front


When Labour Youth was founded in 2009, the national movement in the Czech Republic was at the peak of its powers since 1945. From the beginning of the 21st century, the national movement has been successfully improving in quality especially under the label of National Resistance and it has been gaining political and social potential which culminated at large demonstrations in Janov in 2008 in which Labour Party (LP) participated and got the attention of wide public afterwards.

Efforts in politics of the Czech National Movement were especially prominent in LP then; one of the steps addressing the organizational and activist expansion of Labour Party was the foundation of the organization for the youth – Labour Youth.

Shortly after that, the Czech state intervened to our activities during police raids called Power I and II and Lotta I and II in the half of 2009 which negatively influenced the development and ambitions of nationalism in the Czech Republic. Since that time, Labour Party and its successor Labour Party of Social Justice (LPSJ) and their organization for the youth called Labour Youth became the dominant organizations of national activists in the Czech Republic. There was no other organization besides Labour Youth or Labour Party which would be organizing public events and activities that could be called the activities of the national movement.

In the light of the decline in activism in the Czech Republic after 2010, Labour Youth had to be built again from the start, based on the principles of ideological commitment to national socialist ideals in the 21st century. Young people with political ambitions but almost no experience grew up together and were able to build an organization that is like no other in our country after 1945 – from the point of view of the officially registered political engagement on solid ideological foundations. The have managed not only to find leading personalities in the Czech Republic but also to build strong relationships within the European national movement which became an integral part of Labour Youth’s identity.

In 2018, our “labour” label reached its peak according to our own leaders. Those who were the young people without experience earlier gained the experience throughout time and decided to introduce their new project which is the only one that has a chance to change things with regard to the current situation of dozing nationalism. Czech nationalism has been objectively stagnating for a long time and it therefore needs to be brought to life. For years, there has been an appetite for action among the crowd of anonymous potential nationalists who silently scream: “Wake us up!”. But there is noone who can offer them their opportunity right now.

That is why National and Social Front is being formed! NSF is an officially registered organization which wishes to follow up to the best things from the history of the Czech national movement and to offer the demotivated activists a new hope. The organization that wishes to build upon active approach, wants to be seen and will not hide its social character and stable ideological foundations in any way. The new organization is not a sign of any split, it is a natural development and progress.

NSF also has – of course – political ambitions. But not right from the beginning. Now we wish to speak to the thousands of young Czechs, Moravians and Silesians who are disgusted by the current situation, do not wish to adopt a consumption-oriented lifestyle and do not have the support of their friends who would be standing with them against injustice under a common flag. Only after NSF will wake this sleeping movement, it will also deal with the institutions of this rotten pseudo-democratic regime in the Czech Republic.

Author is official representative of Delnicka Mladez/NSF

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