„Elefthería í thánatos!“ – freedom or death!



„Elefthería í thánatos!“ – freedom or death! With this call came on March 25, 1821, the Metropolitan Germanos of Patras with the flag of the Greek revolution, which he had previously blessed, in front of the Orthodox monastery Agia Lávra in Kalavryta and called the people to resist the Ottoman occupation of the country. This was the official beginning of the resistance against Turkish occupation of Greece. The monastery, built in 961 A.D., burned down by the Turks in 1585 and rebuilt in 1600, is one of the oldest in the Peloponnese. It became the symbol of independence and thus the national sanctuary, the slogan „Elefthería í thánatos!“ – freedom or death – the motto of Greek patriots, until today.

The independence of the First Hellenic Republic (1827-1832), which received its full sovereignty until 1930, goes back to the so-called peace of Adrianople of 14 September 1829, which also marks the end of the Russo-Ottoman War of 1828. The Metropolitan Germanós, who died on May 30, 1826, was thus denied the freedom-crowned end of the eight-year-long Greek Revolution. By virtue of the second London Protocol of May 7, 1832, which was unanimously adopted by the Greek National Assembly on August 8, 1832, the Bavarian Prince Otto Friedrich Ludwig von Wittelsbach became the first king of Greece until 1862, taking over the affairs of state. The 25th of March, however, became the Greek national holiday. Representatives of the Young Nationalists also attended the celebrations in Athens, as well as a martial arts tournament hosted by the friendly community of ProPatria.

On Sunday, March 25, 2018, German and Greek activists gathered in the well-known Syntagma Square in the center of Athens, at the Parliament Building and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, to attend the military parade on the occasion of the National Day. An impressive deployment of army, air force, navy and special forces along with modern weapons systems such as tanks, fighter jets and helicopters. The program in the city, for example, with folk dances in national costumes and a traditional meal in the company of a comradely family left very special impressions.

This was followed by preparations for the martial arts tournament, organized by the community ProPatria. This was already in its fourth edition and under the motto “Sons of Macedonia”. In fight number 3, our competitor was in the ring, but was defeated by technical knockout. The message of the event, which was attended not only by Greek activists and fighters but also by participants from Germany, France, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania, was that of unity. Also the 3rd European Congress of the JN, on the 11th and 12th of May, which stands under the motto „[RE]generation.EUROPE“, and to which one can also get in touch with the representatives of ProPatria, was advertised!

For the chosen motto of the tournament, the community declared:

„We chose this motto because the United Nations, NATO and the governments of Greece and Skopje* are now preparing to give the state of Skopje the name of Macedonia. In Greece, ordinary people held large independent demonstrations with 1,500,000 people in Athens and 500,000 in Thessaloníki against these agreements on 4 February. That’s why we chose ‘Sons of Macedonia’ because our position is that only one Macedonia exists, which is Greek. We are against the plans of NATO and UN plans and their geopolitical games in the Balkans.“


*Skopje: Capital of FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), the formerly southernmost republic of Yugoslavia. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, the country declared its independence in 1991 under the name Republic of Macedonia. Greece rejected this name and refused to recognize it, as the republic used symbols and history of the Greek nation. Today, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is under the name FYROM member of the United Nations and other international organizations. The majority of inhabitants are Christians of Slavic origin (60%) and Muslims of Albanian origin (30%).


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