Dawid Kaczmarek: What kind of nationalism do we want?


When in Europe, as a result of a combination of various occurences concerning politics, economics and social affairs, the modern well-integrated kind of national identity – that remains up to this day – first appeared, the undoubtedly great idea of nationalism came to being simultaneously. From within of individual European societies, there appeared people who – often despite originating among different classes – found common ground, as they all considered the natural collectivity of the highest importance – the nation – the central point of the temporal life. How can we describe those people? Perhaps with their unspoken motto: „To live and struggle.” To live life to the fullest everyday, to develop oneself and to be constantly on the move .To live struggling for your land and close ones: your family, friends, acquaintances, countrymen. Even though in different parts of Europe that struggle was understood and implemented differently – for obvious reasons – it has always been coherent in the case of of its very elementary principles. Thanks to the great sacrifices of our precursors, nationalism used to be a real power that would – sometimes more, sometimes less significantly – contribute to the creating of our continent’s appearance and meaning. That positive tendency remained until the outbreak of World War II. That war was, in fact, a great civil war which shattered the nationalist movements. Those, with few exceptions, has been weak and deorganised ever since. We don’t have undebatable and clearly defined bases for our ideas, and our activism – without any concrete concepts to support it – from without looks like a regular hobby or extracurricular activities conveniently fitted in our schedules. A man cannot survive without his head, especially if he’s in the middle of a raging tempest. How can one expect the headless nationalism to survive in the same circumstances?

So we concluded that establishing an unquestionable basis is essential. If it is strong enough, our nationalism will evolve from a temporary socio-political phenomena into something much greater – an internally consistent ideological movement capable of significantly influencing affairs of our countries and not only of them. This is why we have to elaborate and embrace an idea that will be up to any challenge the modern world puts in its way and find a solution for any problem the contemporaneity struggles with. Our goal should be an idea consistent and attractive enough to have a successful impact on our activists’ hearts. It should shape them, form them, and inspire them to action, so they could truly become New Men. And by „New Men” I don’t mean some legendary knights of the twenty-first century with halos around their heads. I’m thinking about strong and determined activists capable of waging their constant struggle every day in order to make our postulates and the visions we all dream about come true. We are in need of necessary changes that will lead to a rebirth of true radicalism. This radicalism will be an attitude that definitely surpasses the grotesque superficiality. This radicalism will become a firm and profoundly rational way of life that will define an individual’s approach to the Idea, their beliefs and methods of implementing those. What can ensure that? To me – as well as for the community I am honoured to represent here – it’s clearly the Third Position. The vanguard of nationalism that made it through a lot of development and modifications since its foundation in the 1970s in Italy. Nowadays the Third Position is slowly regaining its status among the European politics, hence becoming an attractive alternative and a source of inspiration for numerous movements from the whole of Europe.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to emphasize that our ideas – no matter how good and universal – will never succeed unless the mentality and the way of thinking of nationalist groups change. Keep that in mind. Needless to say, I’m aware that a postulate of a complete eradication of human drawbacks and personality flaws would be naive and simply impossible to implement. In my opinion, however, the time has arrived for the nationalist organisations of Europe to cease their egoistic attitude. The well understood competitiveness is needed and useful indeed, but we should focus more on the strengthening of wide nationalist communities in each country. Separate organisations – their wide community – their common potential. In our opinion, this triad of the new way of thinking should always be present in our actions. It will automatically beget new concepts and visible initiatives that will be designed to create new structures of cooperation. These structures will be strong, wide, and flexible enough to ensure us common fields of activism in variable circumstances. The previously mentioned concept may be successfully put into action in the case of our foreign relations as well. If it is our ambition to fight unfavorable tendencies that are globally common, we should not pretend we’re up to the challenge as long as we cling to our outdated methods and old habits. As true revolutionaries, we should be aware of that. This revolutionary spirit of ours should imply an ability to smoothly reform our activism and to adapt to the variable circumstances of  environment.

I’m aware this article of mine is far from being complete in the case of its subject. It is more of an opening of a new chapter in our discussion and a means to encourage others to consider affairs we would omit too often. We established the Third Way in Poland in order to put our ideas into action – to the extent our possibilities allow us to – by working to strengthen our wide community and to develop our Idea. Today, when I am honoured to write the first article of our new magazine, I am to implement our concepts on a wider field by creating an international platform that allows us to exchange our thoughts, beliefs, and already developed solutions between nationalists of different nations. This platform will prove that we can work united, and that unity is our strength. Stay with us. Create „The Spear” by our side. You will not regret that!

Author is official representative of Third Way

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