Dawid Kaczmarek: What do we need a magazine like The Spear for?


Everyone has his own idea how to live their life the right way. The way that will not let it loose its value and unique taste throughout the years. To me, it is the most important to live according to your principles, overcome the obstacles and fulfil all your dreams, even the deepest ones. Today, I have the honour to move on to one of those. The second issue of “The Spear” magazine has been published. Even though this initiative, this result of the agreement of organisations from seven countries, has been positively reviewed multiple times, there stands one question asked both in those reviews as well as comments noticeably often: Now what? What direction should the project take? That question is not mean nor offensive, it is rather a logical consequence of development of any initiative. If we agree that purposeless, roaming nationalism has no reason to exist, we must also agree that “The Spear” needs a specified goal and plan of development.

The beginning of the twenty-first century, global dominance of the United States, European Union, increasing influence of transboundary capitalism, terrorism; all these threats helped to strengthen the consciousness among European nationalists that our fates are bound with one another whether we like it or not. And not only that; it helped us realise that it is not possible nowadays to wage political struggle successfully in one’s own country while ignoring the events happening in other countries. The closeness of our relations implies something more than a chance for each of us to thrive thanks to the partnership, it implies that this partnership is indispensable. The dynamics of changes taking place in the modern world not only require us to cooperate but also to set up cadres of professionals who will be capable of making contacts to people from alien environments, preserving initiatives of international reach, and other strategically essential skills. Even though dozen or more years ago it was unthinkable for most of us that achieving this level of idea and activism would become necessary, today it appears to have been imposed as an requirement of our times. A requirement that is a condition for nationalists to achieve significant influence on our continent as a decidedly separate political movement and community.

Nevertheless, everyone who has at least a dash of experience in making international contacts knows that it’s not so easy, and that maintaining those contacts is often tedious and seems fruitless. The continent of Europe, especially its South as well as East, is divided by bloody military conflicts, historical clashes, as well as territorial disputes. The remembrance of this type of occurrences is still very much significant, especially e.g. on the Balkans. That noticeably trammels any international initiatives, even if all their participants have good intentions. Having analysed this issue, I come to the conclusion that for cooperation of nationalists from different countries to succeed, it has to have concrete rules concerning its formalities and organisation. I would group those rules for two fields; the ideological one and the political one. Political projectsusually are very spectacular; they require intense, close cooperation and concrete resources. The contradictories between interests of particular sides appear to be a problem too often. Ideological projects are the type of projects in which the main binder is an ideology – a real, mutual agreement concerning views, vision, and the ways of thinking. They are both the most basic and the most flexible field of cooperation. It can be adapted to our changeable surroundings. One of those projects is “The Spear”; the project aiming to become an idealistic and political base for European nationalism. It’s the beginning of our path, or should I say, a means to achieve our goals, yet it’s not a goal on its own and therefore we can’t end our efforts on it.

Even though that opinion of mine is just one out of many equally important ones, I think it can be deemed as a useful comment in the discussion, which I hope will be going on entirely on the pages of our magazine. The staff of “The Spear” have real ambition of creating a professional, ideological magazine for our community. By “professional” I mean not only the quality of the contents and graphics we provide, but also the skills of the editors from the affiliated member-organisations as well as “guest-editors”. Their structure should be as broadly developed and firm as possible. If the magazine is to have a purpose for the long run, it must gain effective means of forwarding its contents. It implies the real challenge of intensifying our propaganda and transcending the traditional social networking services and websites. These two problems are extraordinary important, however, I wouldn’t want “The Spear” to rest on its laurels once it deals with them. Thanks to the structure of this project as well as its unique character, a dash of goodwill from each participant would be enough to make it a real field of cooperation of all the affiliated organisations. It could not only become a bridgehead to the exchange of our experience, that despite having been discussed for years doesn’t seem to be giving a lot of results, but also a change for each affiliated organisation to grow stronger thanks to the increasing of its potential.

I’m sure that everyone who has been observing the broad community of European nationalists, like I have, has had enough of how we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and how we’re not able to surpass the lasting levels of mentality and quality that community set up long ago. Even though a lot of you may consider this wishful thinking and an example of naive optimist, I truly look forward for witnessing a situation when nationalists will appear to have been become a movement strong and conscious enough to quit letting foreign powers and instead they will take responsibility for their countries and the whole of Europe. Perhaps I’m asking for too much, however, the increase of the quality of European nationalism on various fields is what “The Spear” deems as its main goal. What we do depends solely on us. We have an opportunity for this. So do you, dear reader. Join us today and become part of our crew!

Author is official representative of Third Way

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