Ilija Sredojević: Is Christianity Aryan or Jewish Faith?


Since its foundation, Christianity has been slandered from many sides throughout history and this century is no exception. Jewish attitudes toward anti-semitic character of Christianity are very well known, but sometimes it can be heard quite the opposite, where Christianity is represented as a jewish faith, a foreign spiritual influence in Europe. But is that really true? The statement is based on two facts. First one is used to show that jewish Old Testament is part of Christian Bible, and with second one that Christianity was founded in jewish environment where it was first preached. Let us examine these claims from the perspective of Orthodoxy. Lets first take a look why was Old Testament given to the Jews or why did, according to Christian teachings, God chose those people to be the first ones to know true God.

As Saint Nikolai Velimirovich explains in his „New Sermon on the Mount“, Messiah of whose coming was foretold by the Old Testament prophets, had to appear among the jewish folk because the healer always works where there is most sickness, meaning that the jewish folk were more inclined toward moral degradation than other people.

„When a hero charges at his enemies, he first strikes on the most persistent ones and the strongest, not on the weakest. Because when he defeats the strongest of his enemies, the weaker ones will quickly surrender. When a healer visits a hospital, he attends to the most sickly ones first. Because when he heals the ones that are mortally ill, it will be easier to take care of the rest of the patients. So does the heavenly Hero, that came to earth to fight, rose first against the most persistant opponent; and coming to this earth to heal, He first attends the most sickly of the patients. Jewish history proves that they were the most repulsive people toward God. What great blessings did God send to that folk; what great prophets did he sent to that folk, and all for nothing: those people quickly forgot all the blessings of God and were cruel in their torture of God’s prophets. It did not fit for a heavenly Hero to go for the weaker opponent but for the strongest, nor does it fit for a Healer to attend first those who are not mortally ill but to attend those who are. Such was His divine strategy which has shown to be almost perfect, but at the end of it all it will be shown as perfection and unmistakable.“ (New Sermon on the Mount).

Messiah, as an incarnate God-man Christ, is a healer that came from the Holy Spirit and virgin Marry to heal the humanity of sin, death, existence in meaningless and darkness of not knowing God. One of the main meanings of Old Testament are the mentioned prophecies that had a role in preparing the Jewish people for the coming of Messiah. However, the Jews wanted a different Messiah, one that will bring them freedom from the Romans and domination over all other nations. Messiah only for them, not for all people. Christ’s preaching of Heavenly Kingdom, of Gospel love, about victory over sin and death, couldn’t find its place in stone-hardened hearts of the Jews. Therefore Jews crucified Christ and later persecuted and murdered the Apostles, just as earlier they murdered holy Prophets that warned them about straying from God’s laws. However, one tiny group of Jews led by the Apostles, recognized the Messiah in Christ, but that small group became persecuted by the Jewish majority. That majority have brought their religious cult down to glorification of not God, but laws of Moses, while not respecting that law, only worshiping it and interpreting it wrong. God preserved one small part of corrupted Jewish folk and in it Holy Mother of God in whose womb conceived God-man Christ, made from Holy Spirit and mentioned Virgin Mother. Body of Virgin Marry is “the only, pure and perfect body of a woman, in which son of God could be present temporarily” as Saint Nikolai would say.

On the foundations of Jewish rejection of Christ for Messiah, modern Judaism is built. Jewish talmudists still wait for their Messiah that will make them rulers of the whole world. Coming of that messiah will be the crown of Jewish domination in world. From Christian perspective, that future jewish messiah is no other but Antichrist, of whose coming at the end of times speak the New Testament and Church Fathers. Hence, the one who’ll be a messiah for Jews, for Christians will be Antichrist. Therefore it can be concluded that Judaism and Christianity are two opposing faiths. One of the main characteristics of Talmud is a hatred toward Christians and as expected toward Christ and Holy Mother of God.

Also, looking throughout history, it is clear that Christianity is the main enemy of Judaism. Namely, every historic rise of the Jews, was followed by combating the Church and degradation of Christian morals in society. It was like that even in the early persecutions of Christians, ritualistic murders and using christian blood in jewish rituals, as well in French revolution and October revolution in Russia (with ritualistic execution of Holy Orthodox Tsarist family), and today during Globalization.

In all of that, Jews have also used repaganization. Namely, since judeo-masonic French revolution, on cultural and philosophical scene of West Europe, there is a departure from Christian spiritual and cultural values, with goal in turning toward pre-Christian ones, that began with the age of humanism and renaissance. Jewish centers of power, by building of new temples in capitols of Christian Europe, during the last two centuries, did all they could to reimagine Romano-Hellenistic paganism and degrade Christian middle age, all in goal of deterrence of European people from Christ.

Lets get back to the Old Testament, that is part of the Bible. Superficially, it might seem contradictory, seeing the difference between Old Testament and New Testament ethics. However, in Gospels, Christ answers the Pharisees that the ethics of Old Testament were given to them “because your hearts were hard”(Mk 10,5). Jews were given so much and in such way that their hard hearts could accept. Regarding the cruelty of Old Testament Jews on neighboring people that God allowed, the cause is in deep sinfulness of those people that were punished by God with Jews.

Dimitrije Ljotić notes how the Old Testament books are the ones that condemn the Jews the most. They witness of their numerous strayings from God and of their cruel murders of old prophets. Also, Old Testament announces the coming of Christ, pointing out the details such as in Psalms where a prophet says: “Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me; they pierce my hands and my feet. All my bones are on display;people stare and gloat over me. They divide my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment.” (Ps 22. 16,17,18).

They will not divide clothes or crucify the Antichrist, whom the Jews await because he will be their Messiah and world leader.

Also the prophet says: “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor  and the day of vengeance of our God” (Isa. 61, 1-2). This prophesy Christ reads in Nazareth to the Jews. And after, said to them: “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” (Lk. 4, 16-21)

Lets take a look at the next prophecy: “and by his wounds we are healed” (Isa. 53, 4). With Antichrist’s wounds (whom the Talmudists accept as Messiah) certainly no one will be healed, nor will he have wounds of crucified Christ.

Old Testament, which spirit the Pharisees overloaded with formalities, for Christians is important precisely because of the prophecies of Christ and for the commands that were confirmed in New Testament, as well as for Psaltery. Also, Old Testament is important as a show of early history of the world and humanity and a sort of a history of God’s word in human kind from Adam to the coming of Christ.

With words: “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires.” (John 8, 44), Christ witnesses of Jewish rejection of God. He also says: “say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”(Mt. 8. 11,12). Therefore, instead of the jews, in vow with God entered many from east and west. It speaks about Christians. All nations on earth are called to join Christ’s Church, as a workshop of human salvation. Every person is made in God’s image and every person is called to be baptized. Meaning, Christianity does not belong to one nation or one race. It is universal, but not anti-national, considering it recognizes national and racial God-given characteristics. According to them, within Ecumenical Orthodox Church, there exists minor, autocephalous Churches as a result of different national expressions of the faith.

Christianity and aryanism

“To contemplate fulfilment of Noahs word of his offspring: may Japheth (White race) live in the tents of Shem, namely in Church, in spiritual tent of Christ…” (Ohrid prologue).

Serbian people, just as any other old European nation, are part of Aryan or Japheth’s branch of humanity which was, observed by Saint Nikolai, given by fate an honorable role to be the main bearers of Christianity in the world. The cause for God chosing Aryans is an obvious higher level of civilizational maturity which was to be used to form Christian creations. Namely, although the core of Christian fath is heavenly revelation to humanity, it is clear what role in Christian culture had different elements of old-Aryan legacy, such as old Hellenic sciences of philosphy, logic and rethoric, with which divine truths of christian fath were explained, namely its dogma determined on Ecumenical Council by the Church Fathers.

Lets mention culture and customs of Aryan people that after their Christianization became the basis of Christian culture, aswell as old Aryan languages such as Ancient Greek, Old Church Slavonic and Latin, with which powers were suited to carry the Gospel teachings and express the theological terms.

Also Christian monarchistic statehood, with its symphony of Church and state, are inconceivable without Roman law as one of the key elements. The law was already a reflection of one mystical and religious spirit and was fit for Christianization that was achieved in codex Corpus luris Civilis of Saint Tsar Justinian.

All of the things stated point out that Christian civilization was created on European soil, in Aryan environment and that Christianity as a faith that absorbed the highest civilizational achievements of prechristian aryan tradition, just shows a faith that is tied to Euro-Aryan identity more than any other cult or myth.

About Christian “Weakness”

Being silent or not seeing the fact that Christianity cleansed the European soil of great weakness such as sexual deviancy or ritualistic sacrifices of people, neopagan critics of Christianity often label it as weak, trying to discredit it with “turning the other cheek” argument. However, Christians are obliged on this exclusively in relations with personal enemies. Such enemies are defeated with prayer, fast and calmness. Goal of backing down and being calm before your personal enemy is a suppression of wrathful urges within you and within your opponent, as well as a struggle against pride as a main sin from which others might come. Of course, personal calmness or relaxation must not be a mask to hide cowardice because one of the main goals in Christianity is a struggle against a path of least resistance, a sinful human nature.

It is very different when defence of the holy is in question or that of community. Christian is obliged to use physical force against the enemy of the holy or community. Just like when Christ used force to cast out merchants from the Temple. In that context, Saint Philaret of Moscow says: “Love your personal enemies, destroy enemies of fatherland, hate enemies of God.”

Christ says that there is no greater love than giving up your life for the loved one. Also, he says to his followers that many will persecute them because of Him, as it did happen. It is known that Christians have been cruelly persecuted and tortured and murdered by godless Jews to reject their faith, but they persisted and expressed inhuman strength and courage.

There is another neopagan argument according to which Christianity was the cause of fall of the Roman Empire. However, its downfall was a cause of absolute decadence of its system, and that was only in western part of the empire, because eastern part- the Byzantium, not only survived, but was in rise as Orthodoxy was becoming an important factor within it. Byzantium, and later powerful Orthodox Russian Empire, are proof of how ridiculous the idea that christianity is the cause of downfall of one state.

Whole specter of ridiculous anti-christian critiques from neopagan point of view, formed in the West among the protestant-catholic environment, and more so it is not applicable in traditional Orthodox East. What more, many great thinkers from the West that search God, often changed their stance on Christianity once they were introduced to eastern Christian Orthodoxy. Witness to that is Nietzsche’s approval of Dostoyevski, or Evola’s enthusiasm for Codreanu and his legionaries, that sparked hope in him of possibility of creation of new army of warrior-heroes, that will be able to avoid traps of the System and cut its tenticles with the swords of Victory, whose names are Feat and Struggle.

 Author is official of representative of Serbian Action

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  1. Thiamarkos says

    Christianity is still jewish in it’s original,pure form. The renaissance was actually a rebirth of european concepts and aryan spirituality,and jews had no role in it.
    Plus,Codreanu himself recognized he had to put nation over christian dogma when he said he might go to hell or that he has to do ”unchristian” things in order to win. Evola was not christian either.
    At least state sources and facts,even the ”neopagan” part seems biased,if you are referring to wiccans,which are a movement started out by a kike about semitic larp. They have no relation to the folk religionists of europe

    1. Gvozden says

      The difference between Gospel Christianity and later built Christian European civilization is akin to the difference between a seed and a tree that sprouts from that very same seed. Christianity is absolute opposite of Jewish spirituality, that is why Jews crucified Christ, murdered the apostles and throughout whole history to this day are combating Christianity as its archenemy. Codreanu was a devout Christian that saw Christianity as a main Romanian and European characteristic that separates them from the Jews. The article deals with conclusions based on known facts, citing sources is not needed in this case.
      Today’s „neopaganism“, as a faith, is a caricature, without any continuity with old, pre-Christian faith.

  2. JB says

    He didn’t say that Evola was Christian, learn to read before posting. Also he just provided proof that Christianity isn’t Jewish, saying that it still is, doesn’t make a argument.
    Also in response to Codreanu, there is no reference to him ever saying he had to be ‘un-Christian’, I’d really like to see that quote. Once more, just saying something doesn’t make it right. If you’re gonna reference someone, quote them.

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