Belgrade protest against NATO


On 24th March in Belgrade, organized by Serbian Action and Generation Identity, a successful demo event was held, with a march from the Temple of St. Sava to the building of General Staff of Serbian Army where an office of NATO pact is located.

In front of more than 500 gathered people spoke general Božidar Delić, publicist Zoran Buljugić, Russian volunteer Albert Andijev and the host of the event Marko Dimitrijević. A friendship letter of support from Ilias Kasidiaris, member and one of the spokesmen for Greek nationalist organization Golden Dawn, was read by Filip Milinić, a co-host of the event.

Through the abundance of Serbian flags, chants and banners, a clear message was sent, that the 24th of March is a day of remembrance but also  a day of pride and glory of Serbian soldiers for their heroic resistance against the aggressor. Also it was stated that that heroic resistance is the opposite of the treasonous acts of the current regime, that has signed shameful treaties with NATO criminals, supports the work and existence of NATO office in Belgrade and is slowly preparing to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

With these statements and sacred chants and songs of Serbian Kosovo, gathered nationalists and patriots expressed their stance on all kinds of anti-Serbian actions, that many insidiously attribute only to euro-atlantists in the opposition, ignoring the most powerful and most active anti-Serbian politician – Aleksandar Vučić.

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