Bartosz Biernat: Plagiarists


One can meet newbie patriots literally anywhere nowadays. Having discussed with many of them, I realised there’s one characteristic sentence they tend to repeat relatively often. When I hear it, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. That sentence is: “Fortunately, such a thing would be unacceptable in our country!”. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Those shallow patriots are calm as ever and sure that they actually influence anything. They are closed so tightly in their political community of people who think alike they don’t even seem to mind the System as it continuously humiliates our nation as well as the entire Original Western Civilisation and its values.

A competent observer is aware that things that were unthinkable a few generations ago are just another part of daily life nowadays. We’ve become a cultural caricature of plagiarists. I know that the culture of Europe is waiving more and more of its privileges because of the planned, years-lasting deterioration of the Europeans’ spirits and minds, of course, but I don’t think that justifies the previously mentioned deterioration within our movement. Where are the proud people who deemed their nation, God, honour, just, family, culture, and labour as so natural that they didn’t even think those would ever be endangered? The System eradicates the Christianity-based traditional European Civilisation with multiculturalism so the first one may be entirely replaced by its reversed version one day, by the anti-European Civilisation. The outcomes of that procedure are deplorable and visible on the streets of every European city. Despite what the enthusiasts of shallow patriotism think, basically all of the “unacceptable” things have already been accepted because of the actions of the New Civilisation. And what about us, the descendants of the proud White Europeans who built a world according to their own vision, and could rightfully preach it as superior to other beautiful cultures? Today, we are the lowest category of the New Civilisation. We are the Plagiarists.

The world has gone mad and by saying this is no longer an example of exaggerating. Today, it’s the Whites who imitate Negroes, not the other way around. Not so long ago nobody doubted that the Blacks are not able to enrich the diverse beauty the world because of their embarrassingly insignificant intellectual skills. It turned out that the Whites had caught up with the Blacks, not the other way around. Today it’s the Europeans who are embarrassed while comparing themselves to Negroes. And I’m not talking about the political correctness, since it’s been clearly imposed on us by the incitement of fear and ridiculously unreasonable guilt. I’m talking about the lifestyle based on money, the lifestyle known for its vanity, greed, pointless violence, and immeasurable stupidity. I would like to emphasise that not only Negroes live this way, all I’m saying is that we are no better than them nowadays. Bah! Today, they are deemed as role models by the new generation of our people. Our youths don’t admire their ancestors anymore; just look at the admiration in the White girls’ eyes as they stare at the Black newcomers, and then look at how White teenage boys keep trying to imitate those newcomers. It’s truly tragic, really.

The very same teenage boys are eager to imitate girls just as much. In their hierarchy of values, the masculine characteristics have been replaced by narcissism and egoism. The occurrence of masses of individuals who fall down on their knees in front of a mirror, and where each person cares only for themselves is yet another example of imitation. Men act like women, woman act like men. Another wound on the family order of the Original Western Civilisation.

A society that has assimilated Black habits in which it’s difficult to identify a passer-by’s gender could base its revival on the Church if it wasn’t for the next imitation. The thing is, Catholics decided to follow the heretics’ footsteps. The mistakes that followed that resolution, the mistakes of opening to the world and embracing the mentality according to which religion should only help in “being yourself” (which is considered a great virtue among the New Civilisation, despite the fact the meaning of “being yourself” has never been specified) and never prevent anyone from it are the reasons why the new-wave Catholicism has become a new element of the System. We can’t forget about the Second Vatican Council and the freemasons’ influence on it, of course, but it’s just another example of something that was initiated by the System and was later appallingly easily accepted by those who had been expected to become its greatest enemies.

Many have an impression that only those who spend hours listening to mainstream propaganda every day let themselves be adapted to the System. In fact, the assimilation of methods it developed is nowhere as visible as among patriotic organisations. Many of them are no longer distinguishable from all the other elements of the System. I’m aware that young patriots are fed up with being despised and regarded as insane, and I know it is their dream to stride the path of heroes and bask in glory. Unfortunately, the only kind of admired person nowadays is an official with a nice briefcase who’s role is to impose the EU order on the nameless Vistula Country. Copying the methods of the System and trying to adapt them to patriotism can only lead to filthy prostitution in its political meaning.

The System took us everything. Today, it has its European superstate with its dependent states, its own Church with its numerous denominations, and, unfortunately, its own societies it controls as much as it wishes to. It’s a right thing to dream of slitting the throats of all our occupants, however, our struggle shouldn’t stop there. It must be waged to reclaim our countrymen, their national identity, and their European character. To achieve the primacy of spirit over matter. To restore the status of the true (traditional) family. To bring back the masculine man and feminine woman. It must be waged for the White European. For the breakage of the mental chains that have been imposed on our nation, which must precede the breakage of the formal chains. Nationalism is freedom, the freedom on every field of public life. It’s worth every possible sacrifice, which is why we should first think about rebuilding the bond with our countrymen and plan our rise to power later. I truly believe that because of so many years of darkness, the new era will be deemed as “acceptable” by our society even more smoothly.

Author is official representative of Third Way

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