Bartosz Biernat: A Civilisation of the Era of Trial


For many years, nationalists repeated the hard truth. The hard truth about the dark future of capitalism, about its inability to build a fair system that could generate goods on a massive scale while being based on the turnover of non-cash settlements. The hard truth that would predict only one final outcome for an economy that eliminates private property- a whole range of mentally retarded slaves smiled ironically and considered that prognosis a gibber of children of the Fascist doctrine. This way, the supporters of demo-liberal concepts revealed how close-minded they are. They have firmly believed that the capitalist system is the absolute dogma of the modern world and without it the world would plunge into chaos resembling the conflicts of native Negroes’ in Africa. Today, in the face of the collapse of just one branch of that economy, they can only unconsciously stare at the bursting balloon of capitalism.

When we talked about the democratic system as a denial of the power of the People, enslaved morons called us insane and gave themselves over to a joyful and unrestrained delight of inserting cards into ballot boxes. Today they see that even if they voted against the prevailing fashion (that is the demo-liberal propaganda), their preferences weren’t recognised. The dissatisfaction is also incited by the more and more visibly pathetic methods used during election campaigns (even though that occurence itself is, in fact, nothing new) targeted at those well behaved voters. The condition of election campaigns has equaled with that of regular marketing. This is exactly why the servility of soul and mind has become such an obedient tool.

We face resistance anytime we try to warn others about the unnaturalness and inevitable fall of the idea of injecting many nationalities into one super state. That resistance forms a trend consisting of ridiculing one’s own national identity and finding joy in the loss of its culture for the sake of the European Mixture. It turns out, however, that the nations that are components of this mixture, appear to have enough, and that they felt this way for quite a while. They are slowly returning to their roots, to each one’s genuine national identity. As a result, the pro-European propaganda fails to overcome the human being’s nature and identity.

As nationalists, we also tried to warn people about the sense of meaningless and emptiness that awaits humanity in the world without religion. In recent months, the Europe without our Savior Jesus Christ has witnessed as pure and uninhibited manner of materialism ravages not only her souls and minds, but also her material goods. Today, the worst enemies of the Catholic faith and most ardent atheists among the leaders of the European Union seek for any spiritual element for their countries in order to secure the future of those.

The idea of racial separatism is considered likewisely off-putting by the previously mentioned leaders. In our opinion, however, it is an essential means for bringing peace back to the world. Deceivers attempted to persuade nations that humankind consists of people that are basically all the same and that the only thing that matters in this worldwide brotherhood is money. Nevertheless, it is difficult to talk about that transnational community with an ordinary Frenchman or Englishman whose children are afraid to go out on the street, wife has been raped, and he himself is unemployed because of immigrants who agree to work for significantly lower wages.

We could go on like this, bringing up endless similar examples of Jewropean ignorance towards reasonable nationalist demands, but a simple ”Told ya!” does not satisfy us the way it would satisfy an average populist. We believe that in the face of the inevitable final collapse of the System there is nothing more necessary that having one common way of nationalism that will lead the nations of Europe to freedom. Attempts to divide the pro-national ideology, relativize its concepts, or treating fellow nationalists as a part of another project (even if it was a right-wing project) is not only harmful to our ranks, but most importantly is useful to enemies of each European country. It’s not the time for figuering the intentions of those people who try to sabotage the fundamentals of the Third Position, that is the nationalism suited to our demanding era. What matters now is that with means like this article, we are trying show the truest, purest nationalism without any outdated inclusions in forms of the Right, dogmatic capitalism, democracy, and everything that has been used to strengthen demoliberalism. We manifest the nationalism that doesn’t bow to the will of censorship or any ideological additives that inhibit its expansion. It is not only the last remaining conception that is able to defend the remnants of Western civilisation – which is what every conservatist’s dreams are limited to – for it is salso able to reclaim the greatness of Western civilisation.

Our enemy is powerful indeed, but, in fact, definitely less powerful that it seems. It will not be able to overcome the unstoppable wave of common sense as long as we are defined by intransigence and deep, experienced faith in Christ. Victory will be ours. This is an indisputable fact. Before it comes, however, we have to realise something. Those enemies of ours who can disrupt the inculcating of the new order are none other then us and the weaknesses of ours we’re not trying to overcome. The System is not able to defeat properly understood and implemented fanaticism. Those who will appear too weak or will not be sure of their believes, will drop out soon. Liberalism will always welcome them with open arms. But those whose beliefs remain firm will form a force nothing will be able to inhibit, especially if that ”thing” is a system constructed by self-hating ”masters”. These days, when the fundamental values are under occupation, the Western civilisation – represented by nationalism – is an era of trial. A civilization of the era of trial.

Author is official representative of Third Way

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