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Today, when the new president of the United States, Donald Trump is weaker than any of his previous predecessors, the European Union suffers from deep structural crisis, and completely new powers take the stage of global international policy, the old order seems to draw to a close end. It is the fact that requires from us a specific answer. That is why, we need real cooperation between European nationalists movements and sincere unity among us more than ever.

On this basis, we founded magazine The Spear. As experienced nationalists from six European countries, we have already seen in our life many such projects, which in most cases fell because of a lack of clear and radical foundations. That is why, we want to create around The Spear real community which based on specific views and demands presented in our statement below:

“The Maastricht treaty, which created the European Union, was an informal declaration of war on all European nations. The goal of this union is total destruction of historical European nations and since 1992 every action of European Union made sure to bring us closer to our demise. This conflict can only end with the final defeat of one of two sides – Nationalists or Traitors. For us, the only option is defeat of the traitors who willingly serve the Enemy of European peoples. We reject any compromise of false nationalists and so-called “eurosceptics”, who submit themselves to the New World Order. With this in mind, as European nationalists we must join together in the struggle against the EU and everything foreign it represents:

  • Multiculturalism and multiracial society
  • Islamization and dechristianization of Europe
  • Moral degeneration and promotion of deviance
  • Destruction of traditional family and gender roles
  • Capitalism and dictatorship of banks and multinational corporations

We will set an example of European solidarity and unity by rejecting chauvinism and feuds between historical European nations. There will be no conflict or advocacy of territorial revision between the national movements which sign this declaration. Let this be the first step towards a free Europe of Nations!”

Be with us! Follow our magazine! The Spear is not an ordinary newspaper, we believe that this is only the beginning of something bigger and greater, be part of it!