20 years since NATO bombing of Serbia


On 24th March our comrades from Serbia held an event marking 20 years since NATO aggression on Serbian lands.

20 years ago Serbian nation held one last stand against the NATO alliance, at a time the undisputed technological and military behemoth. Previously, Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia had payed a price for refusing to submit to this abomination of an Alliance and its globalist cause. That cost them their ancestral homes in Krajina and tremendous losses from Islamic bandits in Bosnia. 20 years ago, Serbs were punished for refusing to bend to the will of the globalists and were declared war upon for protecting their people and churches in Kosovo from Albanian gangs and bandits. Serbian resistance lasted for 78 days, enduring the air-strikes from an opponent with more advanced crafts and weapons. Even though Serbia lost, became fractured, its lands occupied and puppet regime installed, it managed to humiliate the most advanced military alliance in history, having its military practically intact from the NATO strikes. Unfortunately, the price was paid in thousands of dead and wounded, demolished homes, schools, hospitals and overall infrastructure destroyed beyond repair. One last gift from NATO alliance was the usage of radioactive ammunition in air-strikes. While regular bombs devastated the infrastructure, this weapon devastated the living, resulting in high number of cancer illnesses and infertility, effecting people to this day.

Our staff attended the event organized by our friends from Serbian Action. In front of the demolished building of General Staff. Serbian nationalists sent a message that their nations struggle against the evil is not forgotten nor have the crimes been forgiven. Martyr pilots and soldiers are honored and Christian struggle continues on.

Death to NATO!


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